Sunday, October 21, 2007

Late Night Recording Sessions

So Ceez and I are cole chillin on a late Saturday night,
mixing records, drinking and enjoying life.
What the hell did you do this weekend? Or for the rest of your funny life.

Is everyone ready for Halloween?
This is the ShortBuz'z favorite holiday and he is ready to go straight crazy on your ass and I'm hearing that Ceez, with his klowning attitude, is ready to make you rock your rainbow socks off. So what the hell are you going to do? Stay at home cause your afraid of the Klowns? Or are you going to come out dressed as your favorive kid killer and have the time of your life. We got your funking balloons right here. Let's blow this shit up!

BTW. Have you heard this Ethic kid? He's a new Vinyl Pimp and you'll see why.
It's Insanity. I'm telling you. Insanity.... that you'll love.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Silver Bullet

I love finding things that I thought were lost.
I found my first helmet.
What did you find recently that you thought was lost?

It's Halloweenie Up In Here

Are you ready for the Killa Clownz?
The invasion happens soon.
Like next Saturday.
You dig?
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back in action.

Check it peeps. The ShortBuz is back online.

Visit to hear the latest mixes.

Da Buz

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Funnies

These are just too hilarious not to share.

Electric Disco Update!

Yo check it.
dMoe Funk will be in the house!
Our Homey from Outta Space is traveling down to see Daft Punk in Berkeley and will be back on Saturday night with some fresh jams direct from the Crunk Galaxy (Wherever that is).
If you haven't listened to The Discositdown in awhile you are missing out.
Catch his show on podcast at
Word on the street:
The ShortBuz has pulled together a 'special' Disco House set.
You may hear a dMoe Funk / ShortBuz mash up.
Ceez will be fly.
Will Howie come by?
Let's Party People.
2 Days left!
Get bonus points for dressing up Disco Style.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Electric Disco

Check it out Pimpz.

Things are going to get colorful this time.

Are you ready to Disco?

We'll leave the BeeGees and Abba records at home.

I know Ceez has a whole collection of Donna Summers

he is just itching to drop on you.

For your safety, we will be inspecting his record case at the door.

Only the funkiest, danciest & illest tracks will grace your ears.

It's the VPZ Style.

Let's Play.

Monday, July 9, 2007

007 Night

Last saturday night was a blast!
Thanks to all that came out to show their support
for the Greeenhill Humane Society.
The dontations generated will help them alot.

Big heckels to the ShortBuz for the heinous trainwreck.
Dr. D says "Man, I have never seen someone hit
so many wrong switches at once. Bravo."
Yeah that was special.

Thanks to Dr. D for rocking the house.
We will be seeing you again soon.

Enjoy the summer.


Friday, July 6, 2007

07/07/07 Casino Royale!

A benefit for the Greenhill Humane Society

Come out for a night of Bond action you can't see in the movies.
We will be blowing it up on both floors.
Gamble with the high rollers upstairs
or shake off that tail downstairs.
Henchmen, Octopussies and Money Pennies, Oh My.

Dress up as your favorite (or least favorite) Bond Character
and lets solve the mystery of the 4 aces.
Who has them and who is going to die trying to get them.

The Vinyl Pimpz
With Special Guest:
Dr. D
(Radioactive Sheep - PDX)
10 pm

Remember to spay and neuter your pets.
Pet overpopluation is a problem we can solve.
Rescue an animal today and improve 2+ lives at once.

New Web Host and Artist Page is up.

We have been experiencing problems with uploading our demo to a webhost. Most of the free hosts out there cringe at a 200mb file and will not support it. Others only offer a one time download, requiring us to upload the damn thing everytime someone downloads it.

So to end our problems of a host we have purchased web hosting space with Music V2.0. They are giving us a generous amount of bandwidth space which will allow an hour demo to be downloaded over 2000 times per month. This is a really good site for up and coming artists or Dj's. I would highly suggest this website to any artist or band out there.
Act fast as the lifetime membership offer will expire soon!

Check out our new Artist Page and download our demo.